Lazear formed in the summer of 2017 when longtime friends and musical peers Howard Hamilton (Red Pens) and Mark Sorvari (Arm, In Corridors) got together with guitars and a drum machine to see what would happen. Hamilton and Sorvari both have a long history of experimenting with alternate tunings on guitar, and they began to share some of their favorites with each other. With each new tuning, the guitars morphed into "new" instruments for the players, and rough ideas for melodic, dischordent, driving songs began to take shape.

Hamilton suggested multi-instrumentalist Emily Lazear join them on drums. Hamilton and Lazear had played together in Prissy Clerks, but this was Emily's first time behind the drums. She brought a truly fresh element to the songs with her loose, untraditional drumming technique.

Tom Mooney (Blood Cookie) came in a few practices later on bass, and the Lazear sound was solidified. Mooney instantly felt the vibe of the songs, and always played the perfect lines on first listen.


The amplifiers appear (!) as if from a spell. The band Lazear begins to play and I am hypnotized by the sound of punching electric guitar. The music is escalating and oscillating. Heads bob in the audience like a leaf on water. Strings are strummed with precision in pleasing synchrony. One Lazear lyric mentions the tik tok of a clock. This is fitting I think, for their pendulemic sound. A sound with rising and falling melodies, cadences, and resurgences. The rhythmic guitar strumming and constantly driven drumming are essential for each song. I am probably not the only one hypnotized. Their style makes me think of a shattering light bulb.

Luke Roberts, Radio K


Current Lineup

  • Emily Lazear - Drums
  • Howard Hamilton - Guitar/vocals
  • Mark Sorvari - Guitar/vocals
  • Tom Mooney - Bass