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Velvet Underwear


Born end 2002 after a digital encounter between Yeti Popstar and Lizzie Stardust, Velvet Underwear. Started as a classic electro-pop band but their big no-fi tendencies quickly brought them to make more noisy stuff. In 2003 the duo releases the pink "Jet Set" ep who quickly became an underground electro classic. End 2004 followed the "Playmate" ep on the German label Krautpop! run by Chumbawamba's ex bass player Paul J. Greco.

Lot of gigs around Europe followed sometimes alones sometimes with Jeff Jazz, Mysterious Englishman who has an unlimited admiration for Tom Cruise and the FC Liverpool. Begin 2006 Velvet Underwear release, also on Krautpop! "watch my body" al cd containing tracks from the previous ep's and some new ones. 2007 sees the releases of 'Electricity' on a split 7" with us band Mercurial Rage on mpls ltd and of the "Never The Same Again" ep on Roulette Rekz , in august the ep ranks 2 in Techno legend Dave Clarke's top 10.

The main track of the ep ,"The Same" is also available on the "I Love Techno" compilation, mixed by the master himself. After touring a lot the duo now concentrate on some thrilling new releases ;o)*

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