The Cult of Lip


The Cult of Lip straddles the line between noisy, heavy shoegaze and punk. The perfect band for fans of feedback and fuzz. They explore all areas of psyche and end up in some dark corners. More than one reviewer has said that they are the perfect soundtrack for driving around at night looking for UFOs.

Through the haze of droning, fuzzed-out guitar, rumbling bass, and cymbal wash lies a psyche pop sensibility that psyche/shoegaze fans will be sure to enjoy.

"Flying saucer indie with gliding guitars and reverb-y vocals which is still punk enough to cram 5 tracks onto a 7″...sounds dazed as hell, but still focused enough to tear through asteroids at breakneck speed." - The Answer is in the Beat

“The perfect soundtrack to listen to when you’re speeding out to the desert at night to look for UFO’s…pretty dope” - Razorcake

“A more punk My Bloody Valentine…both confounding and addicting…and a great record” - Maximum Rock N Roll

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