mpls ltd was founded by DJ Christian Fritz in 1999 and has been puttiing out music we love for 20 years. With an ear toward Minneapolis and the other towards the world, we’ve released records from a vast array of amazing artists from four continents whose careers span six decades.



We have released records from a vast array of amazing artists including Alexandroid, Basement Apartment, Biff Bang Pow!, Birds of Virginia, Bobbi Boyle and the trio, Bridge Club, The Chinch Bugs, The Chris Danforths, Dayplanner, DJ Christian Fritz, DJ I.N.C., DJ Style, Earworm, First Communion Afterparty, Flavor Crystals, Grey Skies, Hot Zex, Insert Name Here, Jerome Reading, John Roeser Avenue, Mercurial Rage, Mono Stereo, Monobongo, Mooses, Moscow Grooves Institute, OLF, Ouija Radio, The Pine Marten Group, Plastik, The Projects (UK), Robbyn Rhodes, Samarah, SCSI–9, Self Sound Orchestra, The Starfolk, StrangeLights, Sun in the Satellite, Damo Suzuki’s Network, Tartu Popi ja Roki Instituut, Test Type Trio, Tom’s Club, Typsy Panthre, Velvet Underwear, and Waxed Apple.

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