A photo of Partition



PARTITION originally began in 2015 in Richmond VA when our lead singer/bassist Taylor (pronouns they/them) was 18. After battling with mental health issues and drug addiction Taylor had to leave the band and Richmond to seek mental and drug abuse counseling. During this time most of the songs for Prodigal Gun were written. (The others were written when Taylor was 17 back in Southwest VA). After rehab and a stint in sober living in California, Taylor linked up with long time internet friend Evan (PARTITION's current drummer, pronouns he/him). On a whim, Taylor spent their whole paycheck on a plane ticket to MN, arriving with no money. After a few months of practicing as a two piece they finally met Seth (guitar, pronouns he/him) at a house show. They began practicing non stop and recorded PARTITION's first set of recordings Prodigal Demo. The release of these songs in Sept 2018 was the band's first show in Minneapolis. Since the trio have recorded their debut LP Prodigal Gun released in January 2020. Taylor was two years sober in February.


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