Various Artists - Levo

When Flavor Crystals were invited to play psych fests in Australia earlier this year, the mpls ltd crew couldn’t resist the opportunity to tag along. Along our travels, we came across so many fantastic bands we doubt that we ever would have heard had we not taken the plunge down under. “Levo” celebrates ten of the many brilliant musical artists we discovered that almost destroyed our extremely overstuffed record bags on our return home.


The Morning Night “Everything I See”
Wild Meadows “These Days”
Ov Pain “Lovers Leap”
Mote “Adventure Call”
Sludge Party “Water On Mars”
The Baudelaires “Foxglove”
Lapse “Hide”
Moody Beaches “Guns”
Dead Radio “Lust in Space”
The Black Heart Death Cult “She’s a Believer”


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