Top Fives for 2023

Some top fives to round out the year. Thank you to all the bands we've worked with in 2023. Here's to a great 2024!

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Christian - MPLS LTD

Five of my favorite 2023 new music releases NOT on mpls ltd.

  • Busted Head Racked - Junk Food [bandcamp]
    • I seriously wish I knew what was in the water in Australia to give the world so much amazing music. Busted Head Racket made what is likely my favorite record of the year, and I couldn't get my hands on it fast enough after watching this video hundreds of times (seriously):
  • Soft Covers - Soft Serve [bandcamp]
    • Soft Covers put their own fresh spin on the classic Aussie twee I first discovered as a much younger person (I cannot recommend them highly enough to any fans of The Go-Betweens or Even As We Speak.)
  • The Black Heart Death Cult - Pin Drops [bandcamp]
    • I first encountered The Black Heart Death Cult when I tagged along with Flavor Crystals on their 2018 Australian Tour, put them on the mpls ltd Levo comp, and continue to watch them keep getting better and better with each new record.
  • She's Green - Wisteria [bandcamp]
    • I was already addicted to these Minneapolis shoegazers thanks to frequent spins on local college radio station Radio K, but I recently saw them live for the first time when they were opening for Sweeping Promises where they brought their sound to a whole other level.
  • Sweeping Promises - Good Living is Coming For You [bandcamp]
    • Speaking of Sweeping Promises, I had no idea how they could ever make a record better than their 2020 debut Hunger For a Way Out - but they did! This gang of three are stunning live, too!!

Heather - Heather the Jerk

Lots of great music this year, hard to make a list.

My fave musics:

  1. Tee Vee Repairmann What's on TV?
  2. Gee Tee Goodnight Neanderthal
  3. Snooper Super Snooper
  4. Besta Quadrada The First Four Weeks tape
  5. Dusk Glass Pastures

Honorable Mentions

  • Big Clown Beatdown 7"
  • Being Dead When Horses Could Run

Chris Goodhead - St Christopher

Hi there!

Glenn asked me to do a top 5... anything... for you on behalf of St Christopher. I'm the bass player. So... the top 5 gigs by bands I've seen this year are:

  1. Dean Wareham - Brudenell, Leeds
  2. Meshuggah - Bloodstock Festival, Derbyshire
  3. Percy - The Crescent, York
  4. Make Up - Nottingham Boat Club
  5. House of All - White Hotel, Salford

All the best.


* Addendum - turns out Dean Wareham was actually last year but he was so good his vibes lasted with me well into 2023. Cheers.

Dave - 1000s of cats

These are five records I stumbled upon this year that got played a lot. Some old and some new.

  • Family Fodder Monkey Banana Kitchen
  • TV Star Hallucinate Me - EP
  • Snooper Super Snooper
  • Swell Maps Jane from Occupied Europe
  • The Paragons On the Beach With the Paragons
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