Of Bones and Things

Fire in the Northern Firs
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Orange vinyl LP


  1. Action At A Distance pt.1 00:32
  2. Chatrooms 04:08
  3. Chimera 03:44
  4. The Future Of Industry 03:49
  5. Interior Design 101 03:06
  6. Night Of 1,000 Chaperones 05:10
  7. Noche De La Bruja 03:46
  8. Mescal And Mercury 03:41
  9. Gargoyles And Horoscopes 03:01
  10. These Dreams Unspoken 00:32
  11. Bollywood Sunset 07:21

"In some ways, Of Bones and Things sounds like it belongs in a different era, or a few of ‘em – the early ’90s, for sure, home of richly-layered, effects-laden guitar textures, and the 1970s, home of CAN and Mekkanik Krautrock beat-dropping, and the late ’60s, home of Coven and beautifully satanic-sounding female vocals. In another, though, this is a deeply modern record, wielding drones and repetition like a finely-honed rapier, sounding like a missive from another planet, all echo-drenched voices and deeply-throbbing beats. It’s right up my alley, and it’s terrific. " ~ John Hunt, l'etoile

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