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A Day in The Life

Bobbi Boyle
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A really charming little set from vocalist Bobbi Boyle – a singer in Encino during the late 60s, working here with a great mix of jazz, bossa, and all things groovy!

The album’s almost a Sunshine Pop take on jazz vocals – one that has Bobbi singing with a sweet small combo, and vocalizing in these lightly skipping lines that are really beautiful – a bit like Lynn Marino on her famous album with Frank Cunimundo – a set that would be a very good comparison to this album too! But at another level, there’s echoes here of some of the hipper European vocalists of the 60s – like Monica Zetterlund or Karin Krog – although Boyle’s sound is definitely one that was born and bred in the good ol’ US of A.

Many of the tunes are familiar 60s numbers, but they’re handled by Bobbi and the group with a really personal feel – one that brings gently grooving rhythms into play through most of the set, making for a really fresh approach to the music. 

  1. How Insensitive
  2. This Gal’s In Love With You
  3. A Day In The Life
  4. It’s Always 4 AM
  5. Love So Fine
  6. Lazy Day
  7. If You Go Away
  8. Up Up & Away

CD features 2 bonus tracks:

  • Sad Old World
  • Everybody’s Talkin
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