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Voice Is Glue

The Projects
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“This is the first thing I’ve heard from The Projects, which is something of a surprise as they have been around since 2001 and delivered debut album Let’s Get Static in 2004. The five piece return here with a six track mini album; it starts off with a pop meets krautrock stormer in ‘Voice Is Glue’ (the title track) and then gets even better with ‘Accidents Will Happen’ remixed by their good pals Broadcast. Having toured with them it was no surprise that they have collaborated here, it’s the best track on the album and has a real Stereolab feel to it. In the 90′s when I was growing up listening to Brit-pop and the like, I also had a real taste for bands like Stereolab, Comet Gain and Prolapse, The Projects could well be the reincarnation of these bands and can certainly count me as a fan.” – The Beat Surrender

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