The Way

Sun In The Satellite
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Sun in the Satellite dirtied their boots among rock and psych acts the Screens, the Idle Hands, and Colfax Abbey. But their current endeavor is a different creature, eschewing the urge to be radio-friendly by clutching weirdo atmospherics in a firm handshake. Though Sun in the Satellite opt for six-minute psychedelic excursions instead of three-minute whiz-bangers, for them, it’s the correct choice. Each song is a delicately crafted study in the ebb and flow of emotion, with its pleasure/pain squalls building up to slowly cascading relief. The three-piece sets upon its path like a wandering mystic, seemingly chanting whatever notes it stumbles upon until a new revelation knocks into it, revealing the next card in the rhythmic-drone Rolodex. With a bit of behind-the-scenes wizardry, the layers coalesce to create a complex and alluring desert mirage you’d rather take as reality.

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