A band photo of The Starfolk

The Starfolk


The Starfolk is a Minneapolis indie folk-pop band with rich harmonies, lush melodies, and introspective lyrics. They weave together an exquisite tapestry of sound, blending elements of folk, pop, and rock to create a unique sonic landscape that resonates deeply with listeners.

Brian Tighe, known for his work as a founding member of The Hang Ups, contributes his honeyed vocals and intricate guitar work. Allison LaBonne, renowned as the bassist and vocalist of The Owls, brings her velvety voice and melodic sensibility to the forefront. Jacqueline Ultan's cello arrangements add a texture and pulse that push the songs to the next level.

The Starfolk's enchanting sound is a testament to the enduring power of indie folk-pop. Songs that are at once introspective and relatable. They have a way of transporting listeners into their world of melancholic beauty and hopeful yearning.

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