Waxed Apple


Waxed Apple met in 2002 while working at a recording studio in Brighton. From the beginning their aim has been playing rock with out going down the usual roads. Instruments such as string, percussion, and electric drums were chosen over guitars and sequencers.

Having a wide range of instruments expanded the bands vision of what they could do. They've shared the stage with numerous bands at festivals such as Glastonbury in places all over the world.

"They still fuse organic and electronic sounds, so that we might see Alex plucking at a violin, while Caleb’s tweaking his iBook and shouting into a megaphone and Nick’s tooting on a tin whistle or belting away at his drum kit. As frontman Alex says mid-set, “It’s hard to rock out on a glockenspiel" - but somehow they manage." - Bec (Real Brighton)

"...you felt immersed in the depth of their sound. A powerful performance." - Mike Barnard (Zap! Bang! Magazine)


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