DIIE from Minneapolis unleashes a sonic assault with their aggressive blend of punk and metal influences. With relentless energy and uncompromising intensity, DIIE delivers a cathartic experience that resonates with lovers of heavy music.

Medicine is an alternative rock band from Los Angeles, renowned for their dense, shoegaze-influenced sound and innovative use of noise and melody. Formed in the early 1990s, their music combines ethereal vocals with swirling guitar effects, creating a distinctive and immersive sonic experience.



Photo by John Hodgkiss

A serene sonic journey of ambient drone and structured pop-rock sounds. Rich textures, beautiful melodies, and harmonic structures. Krautrock notes with intricate guitar interplay.

Drone psyche that will take your brain on a sonic trip.

Legendary English space rock, dream pop, psychedelic noise.

Hazy, dreamy post-punk mixed with doom, sludge and shoegaze which is equally star-gazing and earthbound.

Dark, beautiful improvised music which merges psychedlelia and shoegaze.

Perfect blend of shoegaze, garage rock, and psyche. 

Compelling, melodic Swedish psychedelia and shoegaze.

Masters of blending shoegaze and psyche to take people on a sonic ride.

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