Basement Apartment return with their third full- length

After a seven year hiatus, Basement Apartment return with their third full- length. In the time that's passed since 2007's "Pine Tree Hill," frontman Vince Caro has been recording and touring as a guitarist with Flavor Crystals while continuing to craft his own material. This resulted in ten cohesive dreamy pop gems, and Basement Apartment's most sophisticated endeavor to date. Limited to 500 copies on green vinyl, with download included.


"sorta poppy, sorta trippy...sorta lo-fi, but richly textured (I'm not sure how that's possible, but it is!). The interplay between the male and female vocals reminds me more than a little of a cleaned up, more polished version of The Vaselines, though much more soothing than the Scottish duo."

- Life in the Vinyl Lane
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